A quality Christmas Tree that is well looked after should last approximately six (6) weeks.
Keeping your Christmas Tree fresh is essential to achieving the best longevity and avoiding disappointment.

Here are some helpful hints:

1) When you arrive home with your tree give it a thorough hose down with cool fresh water. Allow the tree to stand in a shady cool place to allow the water to drip off. Make sure your tree is standing in a bucket of water. After spraying your tree you will notice that its natural Christmas Tree shape will come back, especially if the tree has been squashed during transport to your home.

2) If the base of your tree has very dark crusty looking sap on its base you should re-cut the base approximately half a centimeter upwards, to ensure that your tree is able to absorb the maximum amount of water.

3) Keep you Christmas Tree well hydrated. A two and a half metre Christmas Tree can drink around a half a litre of water in a day. Keep the water levels well topped up.

4) Keep your Christmas Tree Cool. A hot dry room will dry out your Christmas Tree quickly. You should maintain a cool temperature in the area where you have set up your tree. Air conditioning can be cool but the air may lack humidity. Spray your Christmas Tree with an atomizer filled with water to hydrate the needles. Having Christmas lights on your tree will dry out the tree faster so minimize use of lights to evenings or when people are viewing the tree.

5) Keep the water in the tub that the tree is sitting in clean at all times. Remove dead needles that have fallen into the water. To reduce fouling of the water by bacteria you can add approximately 6 soluble aspirin per bucket of water. This delays the natural bacteria process. Top up the water often.

6) Caring for your quality Christmas Tree is not hard if you follow these simple steps

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