standWe also sell Christmas Tree Stands. These stands are very simple but effective in holding even the tallest of our trees.

Just slide the tree down between the two poles and slide the tree base into the recess in the concrete. The poles stope the tree from moving and swaying and the concrete recess stops the tree from sliding at the base. If necessary you can tie the tree to the poles for extra security. This might be advisable if you have very young children or pets that might want to pull themselves up on the tree. Once the tree s secure just fill the bucket with fresh water.

You can add 6 aspirin to the water to keep it fresher for longer and help inhibit bacteria growth.

Remember a large tree can drink up to a litre of water on a hot day so always check the water level and top up if necessary.

Many of our customers decorate the buckets of the stand with Christmas paper to make them look more festive


If you plan to put up a fresh tree every year then its worth investing in a solid stand.

Prices for a stand is $48.


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